Exchange and Return Policies

We accept any exchange request (not accurate size, product defection...).

However, the shipping costs for the exchange must be handled by the customer except if the swimsuit has a default (in this case, Sea Secret will pay for the new shipping).


The swimsuit must be returned within a 14 day international shipping period, or 7 days for national. We will replace the swimsuit at no additional charge except that the customer will have to pay for the shipping costs ( including the shipment of the new model).

Do not remove any tags before returning as we will not be able to replace this merchandise.

Sea Secret works hard to provide its customers with maximum satisfaction. Imperfections in our products are rare, but do sometimes occur. We encourage you to inspect each bathing suit and head covering to make sure there are no damages.

No exchange if:

Note: Bathing suits will not be exchanged if they are soiled, sweat stained, washed or returned with any defect not associated with our factory.

Lycra is a delicate material by nature, and can be easily damaged through improper care or handling. Please handle with care, following care instructions to insure long lasting wearability.

Care Instructions:

Be careful of:

  • Rough sides at the pool
  • The Dead Sea!
  • Sharp articles...

Sea Secret, created to bring maximum modesty and satisfaction.

Thank you.


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