SeaSecret's Swimwear: a necessity !


The story behind Sea Secret:

Sea Secret, founded in 2006 by a 39 year old orthodox owner, shares about how it all started:

“It was summer and very, very hot. I was pregnant.

I went to the beach with my family and I was dressed modestly in a skirt and long sleeve shirt. I was so hot – but I was committed to maintaining my modesty.

I almost fainted from the heat – and that day my water broke in the 30th week.

I had to stay in the hospital for 4 weeks so the baby could grow at least to 34 weeks. While I lay in the hospital, I decided – I’m making a bathingsuit for myself.

And I did. As soon as my friends saw it – they all wanted one too. So I decided to make them available to everyone.

Enjoy, the modesty, comfort and beauty.

Sea Secret: Healthy for Body and Soul

Today, almost everyone knows the health benefits of protecting our bodies from dangerous UV rays of the sun. Among them, skin cancer, painful sun burns, rashes and irritation.

Yet, the health benefits of modesty for protecting the soul are much less world renowned. Modesty conveys value. A value of one’s self – and one’s body.

If we value ourselves, and our bodies, we build and maintain a higher, holier sense of worth.

And, when something has worth, it’s certainly worth protecting.

This is the secret, Sea Secret. 

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