Special Offers

Special Offers

Take advantage of amazing Sea Secret® special offers! These offers often change, so be sure to check back soon to find your ideal Modest Swimsuit !

Africa-front-modest swimsuit


$95 $59
Front-grey polo modest swim dress

Grey Polo

$89 $79
Front-new magic modest swimdress

New Magic

$89 $69
fRont- yellow polo modest swim dress for girls

Yellow Polo

$69 $49
Front-diago flower modest swimwear

Flower Diago

$79 $59
Front-flower tunic modest swimwear

Flower Tunic

$99 $59
Front-Jump modest swimwear


Front-new grey surfer modest swimwear

New Grey Surfer

$89 $49

Kineret blue

$99 $89
Military Modest swimwear by SeaSecret


$129 $99