Grandmothers, mothers, newlyweds and daughters, love Sea Secret Swimwear.

Jews, Muslims and Christians all love Sea Secret Swimwear

  1. Shirley Schwartz, Sprinfield:

Dear Yardena,

I received the Swimwear.  It is beautiful & fits perfectly.  After the Yom Tov I probably will order another Swimsuit.  Thank you.

Please add my E-mail to your catalog list.  Chag Sameach!

  1. Paula, 30, New Jersey:

I went on vacation for a weekend to Florida, and I literally didn’t pack anything but two Sea Secret swimsuits. I went from the beach to the gym and out to dinner. I love them, they’re amazing!

  1. Aliza, age 18, California:

“I got my bathing suit in 2 days flat – and I could go on the trip with my ultra orthodox relatives. We had a great time, and thanks to Sea Secret I wasn’t embarrassed at the beach or the pool – and the real secret, I love the bathing suit. Thanks Sea Secret”.

  1. Sara, 29, Nevada:

“I am a religious Christian and we believe our bodies as well as our souls are holy and not for public display. In no way shape or form would I ever go to a pool or beach not modestly dressed. This meant – I also didn’t swim because I never thought to swim in clothing. Until last month when I bought a Sea Secret modest dress swimsuit. Thank you – I think this was heaven sent.”

  1. Fatima, in Brooklyn:

“I’m not the most orthodox Muslim and I was looking for something a little less than full body cover – and here, I found it, totally modest and practical. Good luck, Sea Secret”.

  1. Flora, age 38, Modi’in:

In the past, since I am very concerned about modesty, I had no other choice but to swim with my skirt and my cotton T-shirt which cling tightly to my body, and took hours to dry. Since I got my brand new Sea Secret bathing suit, I found a new freedom!!

  1. Mazal, age 60, Netanya:

I decided to get myself the Sea Secret swimdress a year ago. Since then I have been happy for these reasons: I go around freely with my grandchildren, I swim easily, and I dry fast. Goodbye to sunburns and suntan lotions. Finally – thank you Sea Secret.

  1. Chagit, age 23, newly wed:

I just got married not long ago and was dreading my honeymoon because I knew how limited I would feel at the beach… but thank G-d I found this dress. I was at the Bahamas with my husband and felt really free to swim and tan as I pleased! Thank you so much for creating this modest piece of swimwear.

  1. Lori, age 38, New York:

I didn’t swim, believe it or not, for 20 years because I didn’t feel good going around not dressed modestly. Last year I found this Sea Secret swimsuit and it feels and looks great. The material is fantastic – and it doesn’t choke or cling. Thank you Sea Secret – I can finally go back into the pool!

  1. Sharon, age 15 Florida:

Out of all companies, Sea Secret has the best designs! Thanks!

  1. Tina, Age 5, Miami:

“Thank-you Sea Secret. My daughter’s 5 years old with white sun sensitive skin. Now I can go to the beach and the pool again – because of Sea Secret”.

  1. Natasha, 29, Moscow:

“Sea Secret actually made it to Moscow!! Inspections took the package for a look, but they released it, and it came. I’m enjoying the beauty and the modesty. Thank you.”

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